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    Does JB3RC1 need to be connected to a network in order to s

    Los Morales Newbie


      I was starting and running JB3RC1 fine on my laptop that was connected to a LAN. But when I take my laptop elsewhere that is not connected to a LAN, I can not start up JB3RC1 anymore. It freezes when it hits "[ClusterPartition] Connecting to channel":

      22:55:09,194 INFO [JBossMQServiceAdapter] Starting
      22:55:09,194 INFO [JBossMQServiceAdapter] Started
      22:55:09,204 INFO [JVMServerILService] Starting
      22:55:09,735 INFO [JVMServerILService] Started
      22:55:09,735 INFO [RMIServerILService] Starting
      22:55:10,426 INFO [RMIServerILService] Started
      22:55:10,426 INFO [OILServerILService] Starting
      22:55:10,426 INFO [OILServerILService] JBossMQ OIL service available at :
      22:55:10,466 INFO [OILServerILService] Started
      22:55:10,466 INFO [UILServerILService] Starting
      22:55:10,476 INFO [UILServerILService] JBossMQ UIL service available at :
      22:55:10,506 INFO [UILServerILService] Started
      22:55:10,506 INFO [DLQ] Starting
      22:55:10,506 INFO [DLQ] Bound to JNDI name: queue/DLQ
      22:55:10,506 INFO [DLQ] Started
      22:55:10,506 INFO [MainDeployer] Successfully completed deployment of package: file:/C:/jboss-3.0.0RC1/server/default/deploy/jbossmq-service.xml
      22:55:10,506 INFO [MainDeployer] Starting deployment of package: file:/C:/jboss-3.0.0RC1/server/default/deploy/cluster-service.xml
      22:55:10,596 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] JRMP Invoker MBean online
      22:55:10,606 INFO [ClusterPartition] Creating
      22:55:11,717 INFO [DefaultPartition] Initializing
      22:55:11,758 INFO [ClusterPartition] Created
      22:55:11,758 INFO [HASessionStateService] Creating
      22:55:11,808 INFO [HASessionStateService] Created
      22:55:11,808 INFO [HANamingService] Creating
      22:55:11,818 INFO [HANamingService] Created
      22:55:11,818 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] creating
      22:55:11,818 INFO [JRMPInvokerHA] created
      22:55:11,818 INFO [ClusterPartition] Starting
      22:55:11,818 INFO [ClusterPartition] Connecting to channel
      // freezes right here

      So does this mean that JB3RC1 requires a machine to be connected to a network? I had no problems running JB2.4.5.RC1 outside though.

      Thanks in advance.