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    Problems with validation fields by aj4:commandButton compone

    Anatol Sinitsky Newbie

      Hi, everybody.

      I've just coped with such kind of problem: I have a form with some fields and button(a4j:commendButton). And I placed a validator inside a text box component. My button has an oncomplete tag where the new rich:modalPanel will be full-screen displayed and rerender tag which is supposed to update the view of that form. So the problem is: even after a validation failed the form will be shown with empty context. But I want oncomplete action not being inplemented if there is a wrong value in the edit box...So If there are any ways to resolve this bottleneck? Please help me.

      <rich:messages style="color:red" showDetail="true" styleClass="error"/>

      <h:inputText id="vin" value="#{jobTicketBB.vehicle.vin}">
      <f:validator validatorId="VinValidator"/>

      <a4j:commandButton action="#{jobTicketBB.configureSelectVehiclePage}"
      reRender="jobTicketModalPanel" actionListener="#{jobTicketModalFormSupportBB.openVehiclePage}"
      oncomplete="showModal('jobTicketMain', 'jobTicketModal')"