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    setting up a configuration outside JBOSS_HOME

    Tim Dawson Newbie

      one of the things I liked about WebLogic was the capability to store the core engine in


      and deploy my application outside that area, say in


      so that I could keep some measure of independence between the appserver & my code - so that I can, for example, obliterate one and install a new version without affecting the other. this is useful for service patches, upgrades (e.g. bete -> RC1) etc. its also useful on the development side too, to be able to remove all our software (including the non-weblogic stuff) in one action.

      The way this works in weblogic is that you provide a system property to tell it where to look for all the rest of the weblogic stuff it needs.

      I notice this has been requested before in 2.4.4...

      But there was no response on that topic. Does anybody know if this is supported in 3.0? I tried all the obvious tweaks, but if it is supported, its probably hidden in a system property. Thanks.

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          David Jencks Master

          It's been easy to specify the location of your application in both 2.x and 3.x: in 2.x you add the directory for your app stuff to the AutoDeployer mbean, for 3.x you add it to the deployment scanner mbean.

          If you want to set this without modifying a config file, that is harder. Jason Dillon has proposed making it possible to expand system properties in config files, kind of like ant -- ${property} gets expanded to its value.

          However, unless we include a property like this in the default config of deployment scanner, this won't do you any good.

          I'm a little leery of making this particular customization since it seems to me that most installations of jboss will benefit from config tweaking, so I'd rather find a way of upgrading without overwriting the tweaks, not just your applications.

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            Tim Dawson Newbie

            I'm not quite sure I follow - what config file would I be modifying? If my config files exist in my server directory, I'm ok with making that modification. The start script stuff for the systme property is just so it knows where to look for $JBOSS_HOME/lib. Right now that seems to be hardcoded based on a relative path from CWD.

            What I'd like to do is have everything, including my start script and deployment dirs entirely outside the jboss tree, so I should be able to upgrade without overwriting the "tweaks" - they'd be in my external directory.

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              Jason Taft Newbie

              In your start script, use -D= to set jboss.server.home.dir and jboss.server.home.url.

              These should be parameters to the org.jboss.Main class, not JVM args (not sure if it matters).