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    jboss-2.4.4-tomcat4.0.1 crashes

    Chris Newbie


      i am a total newbie to jboss, but i have this annoying little problem

      attempted to use the jboss/tomcat combo distribution and i dies in start up (jdk1.4.0), in particular:


      [INFO,JaasSecurityManagerService] startService, securityMgrCtxPath=java
      [INFO,JaasSecurityManagerService] startService, cachePolicyCtxPath=java
      [INFO,JaasSecurityManagerService] startService, SecurityProxyFactory=or
      [INFO,JaasSecurityManagerService] Started
      [INFO,JdbcProvider] Starting
      [INFO,JdbcProvider] Started
      [INFO,HypersonicDatabase] Starting
      [INFO,Default] Server.run/init: java.sql.SQLException: File input/outpu
      [INFO,HypersonicDatabase] Database started
      [INFO,HypersonicDatabase] Started
      [INFO,DefaultDS] Starting
      [INFO,DefaultDS] XA Connection pool DefaultDS bound to java:/DefaultDS

      this is were it all ends, i have tried find a correction to the SQLException. the Jboss without tomcat seems to run

      is there a guide to the default.properties for the db's