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    Installation with Tomcat

    Marc Ilgen Newbie

      I already have Tomcat version 3.2.4 installed on my Win2K system. I am using this with another commercial SDK, and I'm not sure that I can (or want to) change any config info for this install of Tomcat. But, I also need to install JBoss for another project and I need to configure this to work with Tomcat. I found the documentation (that I paid $10 for) virtually useless in telling me the exact steps I need to go through to configure JBoss (v2.4.4) to work with Tomcat. Can someone please tell me what to do here? Should I use the prebundled JBoss/Tomcat? If I do this, won't I have to keep resetting my TOMCAT_HOME environment variable evry time I switch back and forth between projects? Please help.
      Marc Ilgen

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          J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

          No you don't need to use the integrated JBoss-Tomcat, you can use standalone JBoss. The documentation probably doesn't contain any specifics because ... there's nothing special you need to do.
          Just consider your Tomcat to be a normal JBoss client, like in the InterestClient example (or whatever jboss client example you have). Follow the steps to write a client of jboss and put these in your Tomcat servlet.