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    RMI over HTTP / HTTP tunneling

    Bernie Meyer-Willner Newbie


      maybe preferably someone from the JBoss team can answer this question. I've browsed thru several forum threads on this topic, but haven't really gotten a satisfying answer yet.

      The question is: Does JBoss 3 support HTTP tunneling (RMI over HTTP) or is this planned in the future or is someone independently working on it, by any chance).

      The reason: We would like to have a Swing client for our EJB-based app which can connect to the JBoss application server over the Internet (possibly through a firewall). We need a rich GUI (HTML won't suffice) and using HTTP requests posted to a controller servlet (which could translate those requests and call the EJB's) would create unnecessary overhead (why develop web layer when we essentially need one).

      Anybody has a clue ?

      Thanks :)