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    help! ear deployment not working

    frank starsinic Newbie

      i'm trying to deploy an ear archive.
      the archive contains a web archive and an ejb.

      both of these need to reference a jar file "afsp.jar" .

      how do i deploy the ear archive properly.
      i always get a NoClassDefFoundError when referencing
      any class in "afsp.jar"

      how do i tell jboss to load "afsp.jar" in the classpath
      for the ejb and the web archive.

      currently the only way i get it to work is to put
      the afsp.jar file in the jboss classpath itself.



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          Adrian Brock Master

          Which version of JBoss?


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            frank starsinic Newbie

            i'm using 2.4.1

            i thought i had it but now it's not working again.

            i'm now doing this...
            i jar up my whole application as "afsp.jar"
            there are mbeans and an MDB ejb in there too.

            i jar up my web pages as "afsp.war"
            of course, the web pages are dependent on "afsp.jar"

            i put the whole thing in an ear file and put it into

            and it seems to deploy fine.

            when i access the login.jsp web page it tells me that
            it cannot find the first import from my "afsp.jar"

            does the war file have to also have all the same files in it as the jar file? doesn't seem like it should.

            so... it does not look like the classpath for tomcat
            inlcudes the "afsp.jar" in it.

            any help would be appreciated.