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    IntelliJ Remote Debugging


      I'm having trouble debugging JBoss with IntelliJ. I can socket connect fine, and sometimes the debugger catches my breakpoints, but sometimes it doesn't. Either way, Jboss starts going REALLY REALLY slow, much slower than it does when I debug with Forte.

      Has Anyone gotten it to work successfully? Has anyone had these same issues?


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          I use Intellij. I seem to remember that I had the same troubles as you at first, but they cleared up when I got the latest version of Intellij. Since then there have been no problems. But I have lots of memory and a fast machine, as well.

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            what version of jboss do you run? do you run it with tomcat?

            I'm on a pIII 1ghz / 1 gig ram. Sometimes when i 'step over' it crashes jboss ( this started happening today ).

            Thanks again!

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              Win2000, ~1.7Ghz, 1Gig Rma
              Intelij 2.5.1

              I am now remembering that the the problem seemed to also clear up when I went from running JBoss and Tomcat in separate JVM to running them in same JVM.