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    ConnectException causes table in SQL Server dropped!!

    Lim Wing Hoe Newbie

      I'm using JBoss2.4.4, JDK1.3.1 and Windows 2000. Below states what happens to the table in SQL Server when JBoss hits ConnectException error.

      What Happens:
      1. I start JBoss for the first time, the server loads up properly.

      2. I proceed to shutdown the server by pressing Ctrl+C.
      (The table USERPROFILE that ties to my EntityBean stays)

      3. I restart JBoss the 2nd time, the server gets ConnectException during load up, one of the message is JVM_Bind appears. The port 1099 is not being released properly.

      4. Server continue starting up and loads my EntityBean. Since ConnectException error still there, the server is unable to load my EntityBean and shuts down by itself.

      5. My table USERPROFILE is dropped from the database!

      This problem can be re-created again and again.

      Note: My colleague's computer, running on NT4, the port is released and thus, restarting the server does not encounter the ConnectException problem.

      2nd Note: Even if I set <remove-table> option to false, both in standardjaws.xml and my EntityBean's jaws.xml, it still gets dropped!

      Anyone encounter this problem before? Any Fixes?

      Wing Hoe