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    JBoss 3.0 Documentation - Non Existent?

    Lev Newbie


      We have been using JBoss 2.4.x for quite a while and I feel that I have pretty thorough understanding of its architecture and configuration. We got our application running on it and resolved most of the issues (other than known JBoss bugs). However, all of that was made possible mostly because we were able to find decent documentation for JBoss 2.4.x (including free html on-line documentation as well as other documentation that we purchased for $10).

      Recently, we have decided to try out new JBoss 3.0. Obviously with all of its new features and improvements it looks very promising and tempting to upgrade to it. However, in my option there is no documentation available that describes the configuration of JBoss 3.0. How am I supposed to try it out then? When I downloaded jboss-3.0.0RC1.zip file there was no documentation in it whatsoever. It looks like JBoss.jcml is completely gone and configuration is completely different from JBoss 2.4.x (I guess mostly because everything is done through JCA now). There is a whole bunch of small XML configuration files but no description on what they are, what is the proper way to configure each of them and how do they work together to make JBoss 3.0 configuration complete.

      It is very frustrating. I have tried to get documentation in several ways. For example, in some places on www.JBoss.org it is referred to the fact that if you get the whole jboss-all module from CVS and then rebuild it that will produce "build\output\docs" directory with all of the necessary documentation in it. I did exactly that but all I got is just a bunch of different sample xml data source configuration files for different databases. Obviously that is not enough.

      I understand that JBoss 3.0 is not finally released yet but it is available for download in order to try it and test it and report the problems. Therefore there should be at least some documentation available so people can understand how to configure it - otherwise it is useless.

      I do not mean to vent my frustration with this issue here but I just hope that this documentation exists and somebody will refer me to it. Again I am not looking for absolutely complete and perfect JBoss 3.0 documentation but I need something that will get me going with understanding and configuring JBoss 3.0. Thanks in advance.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          This might help explain some changes.
          But are aimed at developers rather than users.

          The main config change is that jboss.conf and
          and jboss.jcml are combined into jboss-service.xml
          and non-core services are now hot-deployed
          in the xml snippets you have found in deploy.

          There is a plan for a quick start free docs on 3.0
          and then a more complete 3.0 book later,
          but I don't know the timescales.


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            Greg Turner Apprentice

            I don't think its really all that difficult. I have an app that uses cloudscape. For going from 2.4.x to 3.0, I looked in the old jcml file and saw that it comes preconfigured for some hypersonic database, so I looked to see what they did to preconfigure for this database in 3.0. I saw a file called hsqldb-service.xml that had all the config stuff dor this database. So I just followed the pattern. I made a file called cloudscape-service.xml and copied the bits that I had added to the old jboss.jcml to the new cloudscape-service.xml file. Started Jboss up and it worked first time.

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              David Jencks Master

              The online manual referred to no longer contains anything specifically relevant to current jboss 3.

              There are clustering and cmp2 docs available for purchase: the cmp2 is a little out of date but Dain has I believe almost finished an update.

              Personally I think the testsuite is a gold mine of examples, although you have to do some interpretation.

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                Haug Bürger Newbie

                I just returned the official jboss book because it is 2.4 only. If you want to sell the documentation it must be near the release date when people need it. Maybe a closed documentation group provides material for the next book. Splitting the book to small chapters could break the work into managable pices. Writers may provide examples, graphics or simply correct the spelling. The main amount of work is the structure and the management.

                That could be a solution to provide documentation for the version 3 before the version 4 is released.


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                  Lev Newbie

                  Thanks to everybody for taking their time to reply. Unfortunately, judging from these responses it looks like that there is no documentation (or anything close to it) that can assist me with trying to configure JBoss 3.0 RC1. To get my application running under JBoss 3.0 I need to know how to configure several services including XA and non-XA data sources, transaction management, JMS connection factories and destinations, timed events and etc. I would love to beta test for JBoss but I do not see it how it can be possible without any hints of configuration docs. I guess I will just have to wait till it is out.


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                    David Jencks Master

                    There are example configs for non xa and xa datasources in the rc2 download, together with some docs explaining the meaning of each attribute. Most of the other stuff you mention is pretty much unchanged from 2.4.4 so you could use the published book. The main difference is that the mbean configuration is now in many independently deployed files rather than one static one, and the classloader model is much simpler (to use, not write). I think generally if you ask a question that indicates you spent at least a couple minutes looking for an answer you will get an answer pretty quickly.

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                      Corby Page Newbie

                      That could be a solution to provide documentation for the version 3 before the version 4 is released.

                      Stop being silly. Version 3 isn't even released yet. The book that you returned covered the absolute latest stable release, 2.4.4, which is all of four months old.