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    Where is the EJX XML editor ?

    albert kam Newbie

      This is is a quote from my $JBOSS_DIST

      Configuring your beans for jBoss deployment
      jBoss uses XML to add deployment information that is specific to jBoss, such as which plugins to use, which JNDI-names to bind the homes to, etc. The configuration must be located in the file META-INF/jboss.xml, next to the ejb-jar.xml file containing the EJB 1.1 XML descriptor file. This file could be edited manually, but it is recommended that it is done through the EJX XML editor. The EJX editor is bundled with jBoss, and can be started by executing the /bin/ejx.jar executable JAR-file. EJX is a generic XML editor framework, which supports plugins for specific XML types. jBoss provides two plugins for EJX. These are located in the /lib/ext/ejxjboss.jar and /lib/ext/ejxjaws.jar files, and are used automatically by EJX, since EJX scans the /lib/ext directory for plugins.

      Am i too stupid to find these ejx stuffs in my extracted jboss-2.4.4.tar.gz or they are really not there ? I dont really need an IDE for editing my jboss.xml file if my finger-typed one doesnt work ;). Strangely i've followed the docs thoroughly about configuring my jboss.xml, and it's still not working. And there goes the need for this EJX editor. But where am i supposed to find it ?