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    Mandrake linux hangs machine during CTRL-C shutdown

    Ron Jawanda Novice

      I have been experiencing this with version 3alpha, beta and not RC1 and finally decided to post it.

      Everything works properly, ie there is no exceptions during startup. My beans work, I can deploy etc etc.

      When I shutdown jboss by pressing CTRL-C it gets to a certain point and then my cursur becomes very slow and all the resources on the machine are tied up.
      I was able to get a terminal window and found many many javac processes. I don't know if they are being spawned or if they existed. There seemed to be about 500.
      I went like this
      ps -edf | grep javac

      If I kill any one of these processes the machine comes back to life and jboss exits.

      If you need any information i will send it.

      I believe it is 2.4.8 kernel and I don't have any other problems with the machine. I have 1 GIG of memory and 100 GB hard disk that is 10 % used. I also have 1.2 GB of swap space.

      If you are interested in resolving it I can send more info.
      PS: It isn't a real big deal for me because I just test my code on Linux and put it into production on a Windows 2000 server. I don't have the same problem on windows. My windows box is absolutely identical with the same memory, disk space, etc. etc.