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    entity instance pool getting overloaded

    jeff seaman Newbie


      I am trying to do a findAll query for 10,000 rows which equates to 10000 entity beans. I keep getting the following warning:
      2002-05-08 09:51:40,747 DEBUG [org.jboss.ejb.plugins.EntityInstancePool] The Pool
      for com.alteon.nms.persistejb2.PebPcdBean has been overloaded. You should change pool parameters.
      nge pool parameters.

      I tried changing max-capacity in the cache-policy in the CMP container parameters in standardjboss.xml without any luck.

      Can someone please tell me what config parameter in what file I need to change to get the entity instance pool to where it will hold 10,000 entity beans.


      Jeff Seaman