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    classpath order

    Colin Canfield Newbie

      This is a topic I've seen a few times but I'm still not certain on the classloader order in jboss3 (RC2?).

      I have a war file that works quite happily in an application harness but when I put it into jboss I start getting errors that look like other versions of jars are being used.

      Specifically I am using castor with xerces2; I'm wondering if jboss/lib version of castor or xerces is being used instead of mine in the application/WEB-INF/lib directory ?

      What is the current correct order ?

      Thanks ,Colin

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          David Jencks Master

          JBoss 3 works best if you only have one copy of each class. Under most circumstances this is a requirement. There are some ways to turn on servlet 2.3 classloading which can sometimes let you have 2 copies of a class, but from reading the posts I have the impression that this is usually more trouble than it is worth.

          If you have a more recent version of Castor than that with jboss, replace the jboss version: likewise for xerces.