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    HELP jar file loaded but some classes not found

    frank starsinic Newbie

      I'm having a strange problem trying to configure jboss.
      i have a jar file that is used everywhere in my application. i add it to my .ear, and .war, and Manifest.mf files as suggested.

      when i try to access classes from that jar file, some of the time they "turn up missing" as in NoClassDefFoundError, even though other classes in
      the same package are accessible.

      i assumed originally that this had to do with some ClassLoader nuance between Tomcat and JBoss.

      when i check the classpath programatically, i also notice that none of the jars from the .ear file show up. is this normal? i assume this is also some ClassLoader nuance?

      in a last ditch effort,
      i've removed the jar file from the web archive,
      and the the ear archive, and the manifest.mf files
      and just stuck the jar file in the jboss classpath
      (removing any hope of hot-deploy) and still no help.
      It is actually worse. more classes are not not found.

      i'm stuck.
      any ideas?