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    JBoss hangs on shutdown

    mitchell ackerman Newbie

      Hi, i am at the point of deploying my app, and am having a couple of problems shutting the server down.

      firstly, when i hit ctrl-C (or use the management shutdown) things seem to shutdown fine, but then JBoss just hangs. i have to go into the task manager (on windows 2000 server) and kill the vm. any ideas on this. my app uses mbeans and message driven beans.

      secondly, if a user is using a JSP JBoss seems to wait for resources to be cleaned up, which they never are, so the shutdown just hangs.

      any help would be much appreciated.

      thanks, Mitchell.

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          frank starsinic Newbie

          when this has happened in the past to me, it usually means that something has failed and basically you have a bug somewhere that you're not catching like a NullPointerException.
          When I've found and fixed the problem, jboss no longer hung on shutdown.

          that is my experience,


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            Ron Jawanda Novice

            I have the exact same problem only on Mandrake Linux.
            I have experienced it on Windows for 2.4.3
            2.4.4 didn't do this.
            Every version does this with Mandrake Linux.
            I don't even have anything deployed so it isn't a bug in my code. I posted this but didn't get any response.
            Since my production is 2.4.4 I let it go.
            So... 2.4.4 works if you can move to that (on Win 2000 Professional... I don't have it on server).