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    Migrating 2.2.2-3.2.2 to RC2 with Jetty

    Richard Doust Newbie

      I'm trying to migrate an app from JBoss 2.2.2 with Tomcat 3.2.2 to JBoss RC2 with Jetty (whatever version is bundled with JBoss in CVS). It's based on the PetStore, using all of the tag library stuff. Pages are delivered based on template.jsp which processes a bunch of included jsp files. Jetty is failing on the second include in the template.jsp. The first one it handles fine. On the second one, it throws an illegal state exception, saying that the jspWriter has already been committed. I can provide stack to anyone interested. I'm sure Jetty can handle this and it's probably due to some configuration parameter that I'm unaware of. Any help would be appreciated. I'm cross-posting to Jetty.

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          Richard Doust Newbie

          Further info: The problem is apparently that Jetty is looking for the jsp resource in /control/nnn.jsp. With Tomcat, (using Apache as web server) it works with the jsp file in Apache's document root directory. Jetty is looking for it in the same place as it found the main servlet that's processing client requests, which initially forwards to template.jsp (successfully, even though template.jsp is also in the document root directory), which subsequently does an include of another jsp which fails because it's not in the location where Jetty is looking for it, i.e., /control/nnn.jsp.