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    [ERROR,NamingService] Could not start on port 1099

    anil Newbie

      when i start jboss on win-nt4.0 with run.cmd
      many times it gives following error and many
      times it works fine.

      [ERROR,NamingService] Could not start on port 1099
      java.net.BindException: Address in use: JVM_Bind

      pl. send solution

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          L Stitz Newbie

          Hi anil,

          seems like there is already some application bound to port 1099 on your machine, maybe the rmiregistry.

          You'll have to edit the config file jboss.jcml, under section "JNDI". There is an MBean which takes the port the naming service listens on as an attribute. Just change the value 1099 into any other integer in the range of 1024..65535, but avoid any well-known ports like 31337 :)

          If you restart the server after this, it should work...

          Hope this helps,
          Lars :)