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    Minerva Pool Problem

    Amar Newbie

      Hello every body
      when i starts my jboss+tomcat server then it displays the following messages

      [RARDeployer] Attempting to deploy RAR at 'file:/C:/jboss/jboss/deploy/lib/jboss
      [RARMetaData] Loading Minerva Resource Adapter for JDBC 1/2 drivers
      [RARMetaData] Required license terms present. See deployment descriptor.
      [MinervaDS] Not setting config property 'Driver'
      [MinervaDS] Not setting config property 'Password'
      [MinervaDS] Not setting config property 'UserName'
      [MinervaDS] Bound connection factory for resource adapter 'Minerva JDBC LocalTra
      nsaction ResourceAdapter' to JNDI name 'java:/MinervaDS'

      I thing Minerva pool of my server is not fully configured.
      due to which when i call create() method on my BMP bean
      the server does not respond after 5 or 6 call( as i am using jdbc odbc driver)

      so please help me to configure minerva pool.

      with regards,