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    Jaws.xml in Meta-inf but not used by Jboss

    ben Newbie

      I have set up JBoss correctly and deployed an application with great success.
      I am trying to add a second application with its own jaws.xml. In both the ear and jar file contained in the ear, I have jaws.xml in the meta-inf directory. When I deploy just the second application, the tables defined in my jaws.xml are not found. In fact, I am pretty sure that Jboss isn't even seeing my jaws.xml and is only using the standardjaws.xml from configuration.
      Am I missing something? Is there some furthur configuration I need to set up to tell JBoss there is a jaws.xml?
      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          ben Newbie

          I need to be clearer I think. i am trying to use a second data source from teh jaws.xml that is separate form the datasource in the standardjaws.xml.
          I have defined the datasource in the jboss.jcml. The datasource is simply a different database in postgres on the same machine. I know I can connect to the machine because I can change the defaultds to point to it and it runs perfectly. I need to be able to point to multiple datasources with different applications all running on JBoss.
          Am I attempting this the correct way?
          Should I be trying to run multiple instances of JBoss???