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    MacOSX and ShutdownHook problem

    Matt Newbie

      I'm going to need to do some work from my powerbook this summer, and I was trying to get my environment all hammered out when I ran into a weird problem with JBoss. I'm using JBoss3RC1 with MacOSX 10.1.4 and all the java updates installed. When I start JBoss, I get some a strange message about tools.jar not being found and my JAVA_HOME not being set correctly. It doesn't seem to cause any problems for me however. But when I hit ctrl-c to start the shutdown, it just dies instead of going through the shutdown process. I sort of assume that the error message I'm getting in the beginning is indicative of a something thats going to be a problem for me and I just haven't found it yet, but is it also the cause of my shutdownHook woes? For reference, my normal development environment is Solaris 8

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          David Jencks Master

          The two issues are unrelatd.

          The tools.jar and java_home might possibly make it hard to compile jsps, but will have no other effect. I think they are misleading since the test suite runs ok on my powerbook, which I think involves compiling a couple of jsps (???)

          I've also noticed the immediate shutdown with ctrl-C. It doesn't seem to have any bad effects as far as I can tell but is certainly disconcerting. If you figure out what's going on please let us know.

          An alternative way to shut down is with the shutdown mbean, accessible on port 8082 in your browser.

          I hope you're enjoying your powerbook as much as I am mine:-)

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            Matt Newbie

            Thanks for the reply, its nice to know I'm not the only one with this problem.

            I seem to be able to compile jsps just fine, so I won't worry about that issue. Thanks for the tip about the mbean though, I knew it was there, but I hadn't thought of using it.

            And yes, powerbook good.