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    Problem with Calendar in ModalPanel with RF 3.2.0

    Ludovic Dussart Newbie


      I encounter a problem with my calendars in the ModalPanel using RF 3.2.0. My caldendars are truncated with the RF 3.2.0 librairies while with the 3.1.4, is not the case !

      for illustrate my problem, see the screenshots :

      My souce code :

      <rich:modalPanel id="absencePrevuBox" minHeight="300" minWidth="400" height="300" width="400" zindex="2000">
      <rich:calendar id="myCalendarDebutAbs" popup="true" locale="#{dateAbsenceBean.locale}" value="#{dateAbsenceBean.dateDebut}" datePattern="#{dateAbsenceBean.pattern}" jointPoint="bottom-right" direction="top-right">
       <!-- Customization with usage of facets and accessible elements -->

      Calendars with RF 3.1.4 :


      Calendars with RF 3.2.0 (with the problem) :;