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    Info. needed on Apache/Tomcat/JBoss

    manoj Newbie


      [NOTE: please reply yo mkithany@utah.gov]

      I will be using Apache Web Server on IBM AIX OS and Oracle as a DataBase Server. Which of the "Application Server" can you recommend me for the above working environment.

      I have heard that the combination of Apache and Tomcat does not include EJB Container. Is it true? And if yes what is the best solution?

      Will it be problem if I use Oracle DB?

      Thanks again - really appreciate your time and information.

      Manoj G. Kithany

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          Mark Lassau Newbie

          Tomcat does not have EJB functionality by itself,
          but if you download the "JBoss with embedded Tomcat"
          from this site you will have both EJB and servlet functionality.

          You then need to get Apache to talk to your JBoss/Tomcat application using mod_jk plugin. This is slightly complicated but search the web for instructions.

          I found it best to plug in standalone Tomcat first, then once I had this sorted, plug in both.