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    mod_jk file generation problem? plz help!!!

    trk Newbie

      Was successful in integrating the JBoss 3.0RC2+tomcat4.0.3+apache1.3.21. The apache has been configured to serve static pages and the dynamic contents are served by tomcat.

      Does anyone know about the mod_jk auto generation in this environment.
      As the webapp directory in the <Host ...> is not set in the tomcat4-service.xml. The auto generation of mod_jk.conf-auto turns out to be empty with just serverName mappings.

      What is the best way to auto generate the mod_jk.conf-auto file with the correct mappings?

      How do I update apache configurations/mappings , when a new war is deployed in JBoss+Tomcat during runtime?

      Can somebody help me out, Please?

      How do we specify the service dependencies in JBoss???