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    Virtual Hosts & Auto-Deployment

    Michael Prescott Newbie

      How would I configure JBoss 3.0/Jetty to support different J2EE applications on different IP addresses, with a convenient way of auto-deploying applications to just one IP address?

      I'm currently doing this with JBoss 2.4 in a way that might seem unorthodox to more experienced JBoss users. I created a second AutoDeployer, pointing to a second deploy directory. I configured this AutoDeployer to correspond to a second J2eeDeployer, which in turn pointed to a second Jetty instance. This second Jetty instance was configured with listeners bound to the second IP address.

      This approach doesn't seem to work in JBoss 3.0, for two reasons:

      1. You can't run two Jetty mbean instances. Two of the secondary services (jboss.web:Jetty=Log, jboss.web:Jetty=Debug) conflict, because the names are hard-coded and don't depend on the name of the primary Jetty mbean.

      2. SubDeployers (such as the Jetty service), register directly with the MainDeployer in JBoss 3.0, so even if I created a second MainDeployer, I would have no way of connecting the different Jetty services to different MainDeployers, since the SubDeployerSupport registers against the MainDeployer using a hard-coded name.

      I might be mistaken on one or both of these points, since I'm a comparative newcomer to the JBoss codebase. Furthermore, this might be a completely insane way of going about this. Any comments are appreciated!