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    ClassPathExtension in JBoss 3.0

    Daniel Schaller Newbie


      does anybody of you know, how it is possible to extend the classpath in JBoss 3.0 like in JBoss 2.4.x in jboss.conf by the MLet ClassPathExtension?!


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          David Jencks Master

          You can list additional directories to be scanned in the DeploymentScanner mbean. You can also list specific urls to be deployed.

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            Daniel Schaller Newbie


            that doesn't really work. well, the deployer is looking for deployable files in that directory but it does not extend the classpath, so that the class files which are there cannot be found!
            The reason for my question is, I want to use JBoss 3.0 with Eclipse for debugging my EJBs, with JBoss-2.4.x it is easy to do by extending the classpath of JBoss with the directory of my class files in jboss.conf. But I have not found the same possibility in JBoss 3.0 yet. :-(

            Maybe anybody else does have a solution!


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              David Jencks Master

              ??? plain jar files are deployable ???

              Do you find that if you put the eclipse jars in deploy they are not deployed???

              You can also make a eclipse-service.xml file with no mbeans but with a classpath element

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                Daniel Schaller Newbie

                ok, I want to describe the situation.
                I have a project in Eclipse with EJBs and so on. All the compiled classes are in a directory in their package structure.
                What I have done with JBoss-2.4.x was adding a ClassPathExtension entry in jboss.conf to that directory. Then I just put my deploymentdescriptors (ejb-jar.xml, jboss.xml, jaws.xml) to <jboss-home>/deploy/META-INF and started JBoss under debugger control out of Eclipse.

                Now, with JBoss-3.0 I want to do so on the same way, but I was not able to configure the classpath on that way, that JBoss will find my EJB classes. And it was also not possible to just put the deploymentdescriptors to deploy/META-INF but I had to package them into a jar file.

                Any further suggestions??


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                  James Moring Newbie

                  Hi David
                  How about file-based resources? How do you update the classpath so these can be found via getResourceAsStream for example. I sure don't want to hard code the path even if it is relative.


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                    David Jencks Master

                    You should be able to use unpacked deployements:


                    List scan_this_dir with the scanner.

                    You can do this with any packages (such as .ears) as long as you name the directories as if they were the packages, such as a directory myejbs.jar instead of a myejb.jar jar file. You should be able to make any package redeploy by touching its deployment descriptor. I have been told this may not work with other than the top level package, and I will be looking into this shortly.

                    Since the deployment descriptors can be found in an unpacked deployment like this, I imagine other resources can be located also.