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    application  client container???

    TRK Newbie

      The specification talks about the application client container in chap 9. does JBoss have the application client container?? or is it just a matter of configuration? But the roadmap of the spec talks about Java Web Start being the application client container.
      What can be done to provide a application client container?

      Any thoughts???


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          David Jencks Master

          We don't have one yet. I think it would only take a day or two to set one up. I haven't studied the client container spec very hard but I think it could be a minimal jboss with jmx, jndi, and deployment services. I guess we need a launcher mbean that you give the class name of your client app to and it starts it for you. Also there is something needed with jndi so ejb refs get forwarded to the appropriate server instance, I don't know if this is just configuration or we need a new piece.

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            TRK Newbie

            Thanks for the quick update. when you talk about the application container should'nt it be something where different application clients co-exists???

            BTW There was some discussion going on over smartcc and JBoss, it states that the client interceptor already exists. Can you throw some light on this??
            For more details see:

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              Edward Cruz Newbie

              Isn't it part of the application deployment descriptor to include clients as modules? Why not have client deployment and execution managed automatically like ejb and web modules in the application.xml file? A jar could be specified, i.e.

              <display-name>Bite Me</display-name>
              Bite Me


              and the manifest.mf could specify which class is to be executed in the jar file by using the Main-Class attribute.

              This would keep in line with JBoss 3.0's overall functionality in my opinion (OK, so I'm a JBoss newbie. Whatever.) It would sure beat having to use the command line, which seems so 1999...