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    Apache and Jboss(tomcat embedded)

    Black Kaki Newbie

      I manage to do load balancing with apache and tomcat(without JBOSS). But when I did it with apache -> Jboss(with tomcat embedded). it seems like the apache server can't communicate with the tomcat at all. I did follow the setting that I set on the Tomcat(without JBOSS) which works perfectly. Could someone please help me to see it's there any setting that configure in JBOSS eg. tomcat4-service.xml that cause the problems.
      I'm using JBOSS3.0(final release)
      basically :
      apache + tomcat -> load balancing works!!!
      apache + jboss3.0(with Tomcat) -> load balancing doesn't work!!!
      someone please tell me why?? or how to make it work??

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          Gauri Monga Newbie

          Hi there!!

          I am facing a similar kind of a problem..I have to configure JBoss 3.0 bundled with tomcat 4.0.3 and facing the same problem..This does work when u r using unbundled version of tomcat with jboss.. The two servers that are fixed at my end are jboss and apache now i need a container for my jsp...

          Another version of jboss has been released with support for jetty..So that might be helpful in this case..I am trying to use it this way now...

          When u get a solution to this pls post the same so i can go throught that