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    Deploy app built for other app servers to JBoss

    Albert Willingham Newbie

      Good Evening,

      We have a commercial J2EE app where the vendor chose to support the big 3 commercial servers. We would like to deploy it to JBoss, but would like to have some idea of the effort before we begin. We can expect little to no help from the vendor as their position is JBoss is not supported. (Maybe I can change that if I am successful).

      Any comments on level of effort and likelyhood of success?


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          David Jencks Master

          It depends mostly on how many proprietary features of the other servers are used. There's a special deployer in (I think) jboss 3.1 cvs (possibly in 3.0 final or 3.0.1 cvs) that attempts to translate wl specific dds to jboss equivalents. It's very new, but I'm sure the developers would appreciate any feedback. It might at least provide a starting point.

          JBoss often can deploy applications without any jboss-specific dd's...