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    build of Branch_3_0

    Dmitri Colebatch Newbie


      I'm trying to build the current (june 21) 3.0 branch to get some bugfixes from 3.0 (as pointed out by Dain on the list). However, I get the following error:

      [rmic] Verify has been turned on.
      [rmic] RMI Compiling 1 class to C:\cvs\jboss-all-Branch_3_0\iiop\output\classes
      [rmic] IIOP has been turned on.
      [rmic] error: Could not load class javax.ejb.EJBMetaData.
      [rmic] error: Class EJBHome contains an invalid return type.
      [rmic] error: Class EJBObject contains an invalid return type.
      [rmic] 3 errors

      I've seen someone else with this same error on the user list. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

      running windows 2000
      sun jvm 1.3.1


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          Dmitri Colebatch Newbie

          I'm posting again in the hope that someone will be able to point out what I'm doing wrong here. I've seen someone else with this problem on the jboss-user list, and I get the problem on fresh checkouts of both Branch_3_0 and main, on both win2k and linux 2.4 (mandrake 7.2) with sun jdk 1.3.

          The problem is part of the iiop module, in the compile-rmi target. I'd be greatful for any advice on this.


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            Bruce Robbins Newbie

            I had the identical problem trying to build the iiop module. I was using JDK1.3 and my platform is Windows 2000. I then poked around Sun's website and found lots of people complaining about this problem, but in their own programs, not with JBoss.

            Anyway, I simply upgraded to jdk1.3.1_03 and the problem went away. I have been testing my application successfully on a version of JBoss that I built from the sources (although I checked out from the head, not the branch).

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              Dmitri Colebatch Newbie


              Thanks for that - worked a treat. perhaps this should be listed in the build faq.