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    integrate jboss-2.4.3 with tomcat-4.0.3

    Johann Herunter Newbie

      Hi there,

      I have downloaded embedded jboss 2.4.3 with tomcat-3.2.3.

      But i need to integrate this bundle with tomcat-4.0.3.
      When i use the delivered jasper.jar, and i use any taglib on a jsp page, the page is not displayed. If i write only html in that page, already ok.

      But, if i use tomcat 4.0.3, which uses jasper-compiler.jar and jasper-runtime.jar, jboss wont run because of failure " field jasperLog not found". I tried to change the jars, to integrate the compiler and runtime jars into one, but the stack trace always ended at the EmbeddedTomcatServiceSX. with this failure.

      Has anyone integrated jboss-2.4.3 with tomcat 4.0.3 successfully, or can anyone give me some hint whats wrong?

      I use Win2K and Suse Linux 2.4.