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    Which lib directory to put my stuff in ...

    Greg McCreath Newbie

      JBoss has a lib directory that is 'global' and a lib directory per server config.

      I was under the impression that anything in the global lib directory would be loaded and available for all server configs. This doesn't seem so. I have to put my own jars and other third-party jars into the server config lib to get my app to start.

      What is the policy on this? Why can't my app see my classes if their in the global lib directory?

      Many thanks


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          James Moring Newbie

          The global lib directory is for the bootstrap libs needed to start JBoss. If you want to have a common lib directory that is shared by all configurations then add the same common directory path to the URLDeployer mbean in jboss-service.xml in the conf directory of each configuration.

          For example: Add a mylibs directory under the Jboss root. Put you libs there. Add the following entry to jboss-service.xml in the URLDeployer mbean near the bottom of the file. There should a URLs attribute set to ./Deploy. Add , and then ../../mylibs. This will cause your libs to be deployed. Remember to do this for each configuration.


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            Greg McCreath Newbie

            Thanks Jim,

            That does help.

            For my education: Classes in jars the global directory are not visible to deployed apps? Tell me if I'm wrong here, but JBoss does not actually deploy the jars in the global lib directory for use by the rest of the running server. It *only* uses them for bootstrap?

            Many Thanks