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    Jboss3.0(tomcat embedded)

    seanxu Newbie

      I have a tomcat server installed already. I am trying to install Jboss3.0 with tomcat. According the quickstart, I can swith the catalina.home in tomcat-services.xml to point to my existing tomcat server rather than the embedded one.

      First, I would like to confirm if it is doable?

      Second, although according to quickstart guide Jboss does not read any configure files like server.xml under tomcat directory and all configure has to go to Config. I found it is not true. Somehome, jboss still use web.xml in the tomcat conf directory. Is that true? If so and given that conf directory in my existing tomcat is not under tomcat directory, how would I tell jboss to read conf/web.xml from other location?

      Third, I found in Quickstart guide about integrating tomcat and jboss, config examples are given for jboss.jcml. But there is no jboss.jcml in Jboss3.0. Where should those configuration go?

      Sorry for the long email. I will be grateful if someone can shed some light on these.