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    JBoss3.0.0 Bad performance ?!

    wolfgangs Newbie

      I see that our EJB application executes is much faster on JBoss-3.0.0beta (2xCPU HP-UX system, plenty of RAM, no Webcomponents, 500 parallel Clients) than JBoss-2.4.6/7. When I use JBoss-3.0.0 (final), it even gets worse. I see CPU usage dropping down from nearly 100% (after say 10-20sec.) to about 40-50% and running a long time on this level to finish all request. (I don't see this behavior with the other versions, maybe a problem with the dispatching algo?). I also see ForcedCSwitches and CPU switches going high on the GlancePlusMonitor monitoring tool for HP-UX.
      Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong with the final ?
      Shall I go for the 2.4.7 ?
      Many thanks for any help