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    bug in JRMPInvoker

    Bruno Lowagie Newbie

      JRMPInvoker has a method private void loadCustomSocketFactories()

      If you defined a custom serverSocketFactory, an instance of this factory is made
      and the BindAddress is set:
      if( serverSocketFactoryName != null )
      Class ssfClass = loader.loadClass(serverSocketFactoryName);
      serverSocketFactory = (RMIServerSocketFactory) ssfClass.newInstance();
      if( serverAddress != null )
      // See if the server socket supports setBindAddress(String)
      Class[] parameterTypes = {String.class};
      Method m = ssfClass.getMethod("setBindAddress", parameterTypes);
      Object[] args = {serverAddress};
      m.invoke(serverSocketFactory, args);
      catch (NoSuchMethodException e)
      log.warn("Socket factory does not support setBindAddress(String)");
      // Go with default address
      catch (Exception e)
      log.warn("Failed to setBindAddress="+serverAddress+" on socket factory", e);
      // Go with default address

      So far, so good.
      But if you use org.jboss.security.ssl.RMISSLServerSocketFactory
      you also have to invoke the setSecurityDomain-method.

      Otherwise the RMISSLServerSocketFactory is constructed WITHOUT
      a securityDomain. As a result, a DomainServerSocketFactory is constructed:
      domainFactory = new DomainServerSocketFactory();

      Instead of using for instance:
      domainFactory = DomainServerSocketFactory.getDefault();

      So the securityDomain always remains null and you get a NullPointerException
      upon startup of jBoss.

      In other words: it is impossible to use the provided classes to have
      RMI working over SSL.

      A quick patch would be to use DomainServerSocketFactory.getDefault()
      in class RMISSLServerSocketFactory.
      A more elegant solution would be to check for a SecurityDomain in the
      JRMPInvoker class and to set this variable. This way people could chose
      there own domain instead of using java:/jaas/other.

      I hope I have given you enough info to solve this bug,