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    Deploying non-EJB directories from jetty

    Max Polk Newbie

      When you want to deploy plain jane files (not an EJB, not a web application in a WAR file, want to avoid the DeploymentScanner) to JBoss 3.0, you can:

      1. Explode the jetty-plugin.sar file
      2. Edit the exploded META-INF/jboss-service.xml file
      3. Search for this element:

      4. Just before the closing tag for this element, add the following to make the jetty web server serve up the "INSTALL-DIR/server/default/Wwwsite/Stuff" directory as regular files visible as http://YOURSITE/Stuff:


      5. Re-jar the jetty-plugin.sar, copy it back to the deploy directory

      In this same element, you can change port from 8080 to 80 and from 8443 to 443 to create a simple web server for your local PC at work or whatever, accessible as http://yourmachine .

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          Evan Cowden Newbie

          You've read my mind - I have been looking for this answer for quite a while and this solution works quite well (Though, in Win2K, one must use a backslash in the local path). While it works for plain HTML files, it can't seem to correctly deal with JSPs, yielding several errors along the line of:

          "...Package javax.servlet not found in import..."

          Is there, by any chance, a simple way to fix this?

          - Evan Cowden