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    Christian Schneider Newbie


      i´m searching for some DTDs for JBoss3.0:


      Does anyone knows where i can find them?


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          David Jencks Master

          There is no dtd for the *-service.xml files since one of the possible attribute value types is...xml elements. As far as I know the only way around this is using xml schema and namespaces. I also think there is no dtd for jbossmq-state.xml, but I think this is just a matter of no one having written it down.

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            Matt Munz Newbie


            I'm also interested in this topic. I'm not trying to validate *-service.xml files. I just want to author them. Specifically I want to write correct descriptors for various JMX services so that I may deploy and use them.

            Typically, I use a DTD as a basis for writing a given XML file. An annotated DTD is a good guide to what may or may not be in a certain XML file. It will also provide clues to the meaning of the arrangement of elements that makes up a given document.

            Is there a document that describes *-service.xml in this manner? Please don't say, "the source code" ;) -- I've been surfing it for hours now, and only gleaning a few bits of "daylight" from org.jboss.system.ServiceCreator.

            For example, the following snippet from that class is promising.

            String xmbeandd = mbeanElement.getAttribute("xmbean-dd");

            Does this mean that I can specify XMBeans in my *-service.xml file? Ok, cool. What else can I throw in there?

            I will be very greatful to anyone who can help me out with this. Thanks again for all the hard work on the JMX stuff -- what I see, I like, and I'm anxious to learn more...

            - Matt