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    JBoss 3.0.0 and a tmp directory

    Ed Hillmann Newbie

      Hi folks. I've got a copy of JBoss 3.0.0 installed on an AIX box. Whenever I deploy my application (which deploys without a worry), a series of jar_cache####.tmp and nested####.jar files are written to my machine's /tmp directory. When the apps are undeployed, the nested files are cleaned up, but the .tmp files aren't.

      I saw in 2.4, there was a jboss/tmp directory, which doesn't look like there is the same in 3.0.0 (at least, it didn't get created when I installed it). And I can't see where in the configuration files to change the use of the /tmp directory to one I can supply. I'm just trying to avoid the eventual nasty emails from the server admin for filling up the /tmp directory. If anyone knows how to change this, could they please pass it along? Thanks