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    Domino-Tomcat-Jboss ! Help me pls!!!!

    phan hoang son Newbie

      Hi all,

      The following is my problem:
      1st step:
      I can config Tomcat4.03 Plugin with Domino5.08. So when user browse for JSP pages Domino will send the request to Tomcat by port 8080 and get back response (http://myserver/examples/dates/date.jsp runs successful!!!).
      2nd step:
      after step 1, I config Tomcat-Service.xml in JBOSS deploy folder so that I can run EAR app from Tomcat (http://myserver:8080/HelloEJB/...runs successful!!!).

      3rd step:
      I start JBOSS server and then DOMINO. The Jboss automatically starts Tomcat. So I remove the tomcat start command from Domino registry and define uriworker.properties point to HelloEJB.
      But I can not run HelloEJB by http://myserver/HelloEJB redirect from Domino (the http://myserver:8080/HelloEJB still runs fine).

      Can you tell me to solve this problem????

      Thank in advance!!!

      Phan Hoang Son