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    JBoss Install on RedHat 7.3

    Alexandre Cuva Newbie

      Im triing to install JBoss on RedHat 7.3 for already 2 night and I have not a lote of success.
      I have JDK1.4
      I have setted the
      - JAVA_HOME to /usr/local/jdk
      - JBOSS_HOME to /usr/local/jboss
      - CLASSPATH to /usr/local/jboss/bin/run.jar and /usr/local/jdk/lib/tools.jar
      I am ussing the root user to run JBoss, but when I run the "jboss_init_redhat.sh start" it always stop without starting the server.
      I tried to run run.sh to see what error I had and is telling me that he doesnt found the ServerImpl class who are on the lib/jboss-system.jar

      Is there something I missing ? Do I need to set other classPath to the lib directory?
      Or there is someone who did a generique shell script to run JBoss.

      Tks for the help
      Alexandre Cuva