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    Jboss 3 and Petstore 1.1.2

    mak Newbie


      Please forgive me if this topic has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it in the forums.

      I have followed through the instructions from Jboss site, and have has Petstore working nicely on JBoss 2.4.4. Today I downloaded Jboss 3 and tried to run the Petstore on it.

      I made the relavent changed to DB configs into the new Jboss directories and deployed the ear and all seemed to go well. And I also get the page <http://localhost:8080/estore/index.html> fine.

      But when I try to enter the store, it fails with the following message:

      root cause :

      at com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.petstore.control.web.ScreenFlowXmlDAO.getRequestMappings(ScreenFlowXmlDAO.java:249)
      at com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.petstore.control.web.ScreenFlowXmlDAO.loadRequestMappings(ScreenFlowXmlDAO.java:115)
      at com.sun.j2ee.blueprints.petstore.control.web.MainServlet.init(MainServlet.java:54)

      investigation tells me this is due to the line MainServlet.java:54:

      requestMappingsURL = getServletContext().getResource("/WEB-INF/xml/requestmappings.xml").toString();

      Which returns:

      14:15:41,234 INFO [STDOUT] requestMappingsURL = jndi:/localhost/estore/WEB-INF/xml/requestmappings.xml

      And I think, in the new JBoss 3, this is not valid.

      Has anyone come across this problem before? Am I missing anything?

      Thanks a lot