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    My experiences with JBOSS and MySQL

    Arnim Decker Newbie

      Hi Everybody,

      I searched in this forum for a solution to connect mysql to JBOSS, however, as I didn't find a hint for JBOSS 3.0 I searched for a solution myself. Maybe someone finds it useful.

      I try to learn EJB with Richards Monson-Haefels "Enterprise Java Beans" 3edition, so I adapt his examples and follow the instruction in the workbook which can be downloaded from titan-books.net as a supplement.

      What I did was:

      1. Delete in /deploy hsqldb-service.xml
      2. Take mysql-service.xml and rename it to titandb-service.xml
      3. Change the database connection parameters in there:
      for me it is jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/jbossdb
      4. Set the username and passwort a few lines below in <config-property... so JBOSS can access the database.

      5. Go to /conf and edit standardjaws.xml where you put <datasource-mapping>mySQL</datasource-mapping>, where it was Hypersonic SQL originaly.

      6. Do the same in /conf/standardjbosscmp-jdbc

      I now take Richards workbook examples and the MySQL Database fills up! It seems to work.

      Cheers Arnim