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    JBOSS 3.0 / Tomcat 4.0:  Setting the document base

    Stefan Schlee Newbie


      I want to use Jboss 4.0 package that comes with the integrated Catalina Servlet

      I want to configure the directory into which the war of my ejb-application is
      extracted. If I am able to configure this directory my Apache webserver and
      the Tomcat Servlet Container can use the same doc_base to serve content from
      (JSP-Pages include static HTML-pages edited with the help of a CMS, which has
      its own deployment mechanism ...)

      I have read the "JBoss.3.0-QuickStart.Draft2" guide. On page 92 the
      configuration DTD is given. This DTD misses the context element, with which I
      would accomplish the above (via the "docBase" attribute), if I had to link a
      stand-alone Catalina Servlet-Container and my Webserver (Apache).

      Am I supposed to set these configuration settings in the application.xml
      file? Is the context-root element in the application-xml file allowed to
      contain an absolute path name (until now I used it with a relative path-
      name, and setting it had the same effect like setting the path attribute
      of context element in the server.xml file with which a standalone
      Catalina server can be configured). For me, the J2EE spec. is not clear
      in that point.

      Are there other configuration parameters of JBOSS that I can use for the
      above end?

      Please help! Thanks a lot in advance