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    Class Loading Problem

    Greg Turner Apprentice

      I posted a bug #575767 that has to do with putting an MBean in an ear file. Both the MBean and the servlet use a class called Foo that I put in a jar that is put in the ear file and referenced in the manifest. The servlet is able to find the class with no problem, but the MBean generates a class not found exception when it gets deployed. I'd like to fix this and am looking at the code, but not sure where to start. If anyone could give a few pointers as to where in the code I should be looking that would be great. Thanks

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          marc fleury Master

          class visibility should be there, pay attention to the ordering of the deployments... do we start before we parse all of the classes? I don't think so, are you sure about it?

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            Greg Turner Apprentice

            Turns out its not a class loading problem. MainDeployer.parseManifestLibraries tries to deploy jars referenced in the manifest relative to default/deploy instead of relative to default/tmp/deploy/etc... The jar referenced in the manifest was not getting opened and deployed. Seems to me that this method should be moved into EARDeployer and called from EARDeployer.init since this deployer knows about its own expanded directories. I've changed the code and it seems to work. Am testing.