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    How to stop jboss

    yangjun Newbie

      Every friend:
      I want to stop jboss using a process,without
      ctrl+c to stop.But I don't know how to stop jboss using
      a process when writing java program.Can you give me any idea?Thanks a lot.My email is yang.jun@picsel.com or chummy_yang@hotmail.com

      thanks a lot


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          James Moring Newbie

          This is from org.jboss.Shutdown


          String Command = "/InvokeAction//jboss%2Esystem%3Atype%3DServer/action=shutdown?action=shutdown"'

          string host = "localhost"; // Or whatever
          int port = 8082;

          URL url = new URL("http", host, port, Command);
          catch (Exception ignore)