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    Passing un-deployed files

    David Kettlewell Newbie

      Hi all, help please.

      We have JBoss 2.4.4 (soon to convert to 2.4.6) installed and running satisfactorily. We need to be able to create files as part of the application (eg report pdf and csv files) and make them available to the end user.

      Obviously they will not be part of the system deployment. The version of Jboss we have does not recognise the the server.xml context settings, so how can we make send files like this to our users?

      Preferably we should just have directory into which they can be written by the report generation program, and then use redirection to send them to the browser.

      At the moment all we get is a 404 error message saying the requested resource is not available - when it is, but the container doesn't know about it.

      Any ideas?