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    install multiple JBoss 3.0 on one host

    seanxu Newbie

      I asked this before and got no feedback.

      No, just a simple question:
      Can multiple JBoss 3.0 servers be installed on one machine?

      if yes, can you show me some direction.

      Thank you very much,


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          Adrian Brock Master


          There are two ways:

          Method 1 - Multi-homing
          Give you computer two ip addresses and change
          the services to bind to the correct ip address.
          You'll also need to switch rmi to use host names
          (the default rmi settings use the first ip address
          it finds).

          Method 2 - Remap the ports
          Change the services to run on different ports on
          the same ip stack.

          A recent contribution provides a service
          to simplify this, I haven't tried it myself.

          If you check-out latest CVS and look in
          you'll get information on which MBean configs need to be
          changed. This example assumes port changes.


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            seanxu Newbie

            Thanks for the response.
            I just downloaded the latest snapshot but could not find the file you mentioned. In fact the whole service directory is missing.

            I am behind a firewall so it is hard to use CVS. Any other way I can get the latest CVS. Thanks.