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    Problem Clustering in JBoss 3.0 - Jetty

    Feroz Newbie


      I've just installed JBoss 3.0 - jetty server and am trying to get it running in a cluster. I bought the docs also but they seem to be no good for a beginner. I have two servers running JBoss 3.0. They run well alone. But when I try to run them together on the network, one of the servers just doesn't boot up. It hangs during the channel search. (Doc says it has auto discovery). Anyone faced a similar problem. Is it JBoss config or the network config which is giving me a problem? Do I have to do some special config for enabling multicasting on NT.
      -> Both the servers are NT 4.0 workstations.
      -> Both the servers are running in "All" configuration with no change in the cluster-service.xml (or any other file for that matter)