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    JBoss Crash!!

    Alejandro Otero Friere Newbie

      I have a serious problem in production running JBoss 2.2 and JBoss 3.0
      I'm running the jboss over HP-UX 11 and I use Apache-Tomcat as a WebServer. I use JDK 1.3.1.
      I control the jboss with the command netstat and i filter only the port 1099 and 4444. When the problen happen I lost all conection to 1099, I said that the LISTEN conection died. I saw before the crash the number of conection "established" grow up in the port 1099 and 4444, when the port 4444 go over 20 (I suposse may more or maybe less) the server crash.
      The only way to solve the problem is making a shutdown and then a start of the JBoss.
      I don't what can I do, I tried ti change the memory size and remove some service that I don't needed but that not result.
      I need help quickly!!!


      PD: Sorry for my english

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          Richard Vigniel Newbie

          try using green threads, by replacing the option "-server" by "-green" in the java command line, in bin/run.sh.
          on linux it's more stable, but slower...

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            Greg Woodward Newbie

            I tried modifying the run.sh script to use "-green", but I get the error message that this option is not available with this JVM (JDK 1.4 on Linux). Any other thoughts? Thanks.

            -- Greg

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              Richard Vigniel Newbie

              try using sun/blackdown jdk1.3.1 linux...

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                Alejandro Otero Friere Newbie

                I tried with the green parameter but after 3 days I had the same problem.
                Do you have any idea?


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                  Richard Vigniel Newbie

                  how is the system going before it crashes ?
                  (number of threads, cpu load (user & system))

                  I had the same kind of problem when doing stress test (on linux):
                  number of thread increases, system cpu load increases then cpu doesn't have enought time to process user program... till it crashes... in this case the only solution is to get more or better hardware, and try to minimize thread and socket usage (using Local ejbs, removing session ejb when you don't need them anymore...)

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                    Javier Soques Newbie

                    Have you applied the latest patches to HP/UX? Are you using the latest JVM for HP/UX?

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                      Alejandro Otero Friere Newbie

                      I don't know if I have the last patch to HP-UX, I have the JDK 1.3.103.
                      The instalations of patch depend to order area.

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                        Keith Elliott Newbie

                        I have had a problem with JBoss crashing as well. We were using 2.2, which never crashed b/c it began using too much memory (but we did have deadlocking problems, so we upgraded). No we are using 2.4.5, and Jboss has been systematically crashing. Here's what is happenning:

                        Setup: RH Linux 7.1 / Jboss 2.4.5 / Tomcat 3.2.3 (bundled) / MySQL

                        Jboss shuts itself down at about the same time that we have a couple cron jobs running. This seems to lead us to believe that the cron jobs are hogging resources. But, we were running the same cron jobs when we had Jboss 2.2 running, and this never happened. After some brief inspection, it appears that the cron job (a MySQL db dump), uses about 36% of the CPU for a few minutes. But memory usage seems fine.

                        In many cases, not only Jboss crashes, but it brings down the entire server. The console spits out
                        Aug 30 04:26:39 server1 kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 4569 (java).
                        The jboss server.log simply shows
                        [04:27:05,441,STDOUT] Shutting down
                        [04:27:05,471,ServiceControl] Stopping 47 MBeans
                        No exceptions or out of memory errors are shown. It just starts shutting down.

                        Since Jboss / Tomcat are the only java processes running, I assume Jboss is the culprit.

                        We have not tweaked the maximum Java heap size, so it's set at 64M. When I run top or ps, most of the time the java processes hover around 89M. It seems to ignore the maximum setting. Why does it ignore it?

                        We increased our RAM from 256M to 512M. Things seem to be a little better. Now, most of the time, only Jboss crashes, not the entire machine. But Jboss still crashes. Of course, we could add another 512M, but that's just a band-aid, I'd rather fix the problem.

                        The next thing I'll try is increasing the maximum java heap size, adding "-Xmx256m" to the java command in the jboss startup script. I'll post another note w/ the results of this change.

                        Any insight here? Thanks for any help!