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    how to configure petstore1.3 with Jboss 3.0

    Ramesh Newbie


      I want to setup Jboss and pet store and see how they work.
      I was searching Jboss.org and other websites. I was able to found a petstore patch for petstore 1.1 and Jboss 2.1. I try to use the same patch in the current Jboss /petstore version but I am getting lot of error and its not working.
      I would like to use Jboss 3.0 and Petstore 1.3 but I am not able to find any patch for this combination.
      I just want to setup N tier architecture for a testing purpose.
      I am planning to use Jboss as my application server and iplanet as my webserver and Oracle/SQL 2000 as my data source please let me know the easiest way to setup this system and are there any patch available which as pre-configured for my requirement.
      I have one more question:
      Is there any plugins available from Jboss to use IIS 4/IIS 5 as web server (like oracle has they plugins)
      Awaiting for earlier response.